OMG! 31 Proven Ways to Save Money Online While Shopping

You never really realize how and where all the money disappeared while you shopped online right? They all seem to be priced at such a minimal rate that you feel like all of it is meant for you. However, there have been so many complaints from people as to not being able to save enough while they shop, especially when it is online shopping. Well, here are some really cool shopping tips to save money!

Here goes some really cool ways to save money online:

1. Visit the brands/company’s website:

By visiting the company’s website, you will get a better understanding of the ongoing sales/discounts by the brand/company and at the same time you also come to know about upcoming sales! If it is nothing urgent, you can very well wait for until the sales begin!

2. Visit the physical stores:

Before you shop online, make sure you check out the current or upcoming sales in the physical stores itself. It often happens that the sales and discounts are first incorporated to the malls and outlets and reach the online platforms at a later period.

3. Look up for some coupons:

While you check the company’s website, you can as well find coupons or some contest alerts and win for yourselves huge shopping discounts! These coupon codes allow you to avail their products or services at highly discounted rates!

4. Always compare and cross check:

Just because Amazon has a 75% off on its products doesn’t mean it is charging too less or offering huge discounts. It is very well possible that the actual price of the item has been reduced itself and hence the discount! You must cross check with the stores as well to be sure of the genuineness of the discount and product offered.

5. Weekend sales and offers:

Quite like what appears to happen at the retails and factory outlets of companies, the online services also offer weekend sales or weekly rush sales! On special occasions such as 4th of July, Memorial Day weekend or Thanksgiving weekends, the online forums host a series of sales and offers! Only, you must be prepared to see the “out of stock” a little more than often!

6. Don’t buy just for the sake of it:

Just because there is a discount, don’t buy something. It could very well often that you might have to buy something more specific a couple of days later and you will regret having spent on something which you probably did not want!

7. Check on the return policies:

There are chances that you are buying a dress you are dicey about and it has no option of easy return! You will only end up spending money on something which will be a total waste! Instead, you could have spent it elsewhere!

8. Look for sites or forums which offer cash back:

These days, you often get cash back on almost every purchase you make or at least you may receive cash back depending on how you pay; by credit or in cash on delivery! Find online shopping forums which offer cash back more often than the others! This is indeed one of the greatest ways to shop online and save money at the same time! You get cash back from sites such as eBates, Swagbucks and many of it likes! Isn’t it like you get money for shopping online? Look up for these websites and make it quite like the daily ways to save money!
It works quite simply:

  • Sign up and create an account for yourself!
  • Look up for the store/product you wish to purchase! The sites have a number of ties ups which allow you to shop via them!
  • Shop your product and make your purchase!
  • After a couple of days or a couple of weeks you shall receive the earnings on your accounts! So you did just get money for shopping online!

9. Search up for shopping coupons:

A shopping coupon allows you to avail discount when you shop from a particular brand or a website or an ecommerce site! The shopping coupon may be such that, it either offers rebate on your first purchase, or offers a discount of varying percentages depending on your bill amount! Either ways you save money shopping online with the coupon! Website like couponcraz and couponmom have huge number of coupon codes ranging from small to big services!


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10. Fix up a budget for shopping:

Be it shopping groceries or clothes, either ways it is advisable to plan a budget and go accordingly. This is among the simple and easy ways to save money for shopping online!

11. Follow their social networks:

Often the merchants come up with their coupons and first sales details on the Facebook pages and twitter handles. It is hence a great deal to follow them their!

12. Use comparison shops:

There are sites allow you to compare the prices online and in the store. When you know these, you can definitely save on a lot of money!

13. Find alternatives:

While you search for a particular item on the eCommerce websites, you are often suggested similar kind of items from other stores and sites. Make sure you go through them! This allows you to not only explore other options but you might as well find something better at a lower price!

14. Do away with the shipping prices:

Often a product doesn’t qualify for free shipping on one store but it does on the other! It might very well happen that you haven’t reached the minimum amount required to be able to avail free shipping! In such a case it is advisable to add on a product or two to have spent on another useful product over the useless shipping amount! This is one easy and smart way to save money for shopping online too!

15. Claim the refund for the price drop:

It happens very frequently that an item priced at $50 today falls down to a $30 within a couple of days! In such a case, if you appeal to the store directly within a said period of time, they will refund to you the amount that has been decreased for the item! *cheers!*

16. Keep your cart filled:

By keeping products in your cart for a day or two, you could very well stand a chance to either get a discount promo or well save yourself from buying the product at a higher price!

save money by asking to google

17. GOOGLE it:

Whatever product you are planning to buy online, for your own reference just Google it before making the final order. You might as well find other sites or stores selling the same thing or something similar at lower rates. Google is the answer to all the problems, saving money too! *winks*

18. Always check reviews of new sites and products:

Often, there are sites which offer huge discounts and products which seem to be different, but at the end they turn out to be a disaster and the site becomes your worst nightmare. Hence, before you try something new, do check reviews to save yourself from all the mess!

19. Digital purchases:

There are certain digital goods which don’t need to purchase physically and you can simply buy them online and use it on your devices itself. Video games are the best example for digital purchases! The same applies for digital music as well!

20. An email for the mails from the stores:

You can provide your mails to the retail outlets as at some point of time, you will surely receive a mail which has a discount coupon or some sort of link which allows you to avail offers for a limited period of time. People often find this to be a headache as the email ID seem to be spammed with such mails! Well, to save yourself the hustle and bustle, you could have a separate email ID for such purpose itself! Whenever you shop online, you could simply make use of the email and scan through! Save money shopping online at its best!

21. Browser extensions:

Browser extensions such as Honey or PriceBlink will help you scan for coupons that are available on the web before the final checkout; you might save money!

22. Clear cookies:

Many times, there are sites which try to attract customers to by offering them discounts on their first visits! Once you clear the cookies, chances are, on your next visit, you could very well get another discount for yourself!

23. Choose the card wisely:

While you make payments online via either credit or debit cards; make sure you check whether either of them qualifies for reward schemes and its likes. Many times you can get credit instead of cash back; either ways you save money shopping online!

24. Keep a check on dynamic pricing:

Many a time, the pricing varies from person to person and you might very well be seeing a price which is higher than many others see. It entirely depends on your search logs and the time period and/or place you buy from!
The probable way to get rid of this is by clearing all cookies from time to time and at the same time logging out from the social media platforms you use! Also, it is advisable to go incognito. By doing this you prevent the sites from tracking your history as well as bring the prices down for you!

25. Price alerts always help:

Make use of price trackers by compiling a list of products you wish to buy into a Google spreadsheet and be notified when the prices for them go down!

26. You could as well shop offline:

Make use of the online sites for the research part and once you are well aware of the prices and the variations at various online stores; you can very well choose to buy offline! It could as well get you the desired product at a lesser price!

27. Explore different sites:

You don’t always have to scroll down to that one store you always run after! You can simply choose alternatives or at least try to find other options! You should always keep your options open; who knows you find better than the best! You will also never know of the price variations until you check other sites and their prices!


28. Shopping gift card:

You could very well get shopping gift cards and it might help you to avail various additional services which in turn could help you save money shopping online!


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29. Shop around:

Just like you often browse the entire mall to find that one piece of clothing or that particular bag you have been in search for! Why settle for any less when shopping online? This helps you in grabbing the desired product and at the same time helps you get a better knowledge of the prices at various online stores and sites!

30. Time your shopping:

You know your birthday is a month away and The Great Online Shopping Festival is within a day or two! You could simple do your birthday shopping or may be Christmas shopping well in advance and save yourself a lot of money. After all, you don’t always have to go shopping a week before the special days. Make good use of time as a tool for your shopping to save money online!

31. Lastly, wait if it is possible:

Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays often work out the best for many. It is but obvious that the prices will go down during festivities and at the same time you shall also get offers and huge rebates during special occasions and days!


If you manage to follow this set of tips or let us say instructions while shopping online, you are likely to make huge amount of savings which otherwise would have gone in shopping online!

Without doubt, shopping online is a great option as it provides both comfort and saves upon your time. However, until you do research and explore the various faces to online shopping, you won’t truly be taking entire advantage of this facility!

These are the ultimate shopping tips to save money while you shop online. Please share this article with your friends and help them too!

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