20 Blogs to Learn Exclusive Online Money Saving Hacks!

Who doesn’t like to shop online? I guess all of us do love shopping online. And why is that? Undoubtedly, because it helps us save up on some dollars. But, do you think all that the online stores have to offer in the form of discounts and cash back is enough? Do you really thinks there’s nothing more you can get on the dress that already has a 20 percent off? Well, you are mistaken. There’s much more to saving money online than just the discounts!

Here, in this article, I will list down for you a total of 20 blogs and website that shall help you save money online with simple hacks, coupons and, of course selecting the right store!

20 blogs and websites to learn how to save money online:

#1. The Krazy Coupon Lady

At TheKrazyCouponLady, you can find for yourself solutions to all money saving problems, find cheap eatery places and joints, ideas to cut down on your costs and of course find deals at the least possible minimum price. The blog has effective plans and solutions for the next family trip or your online shopping patterns; if you want to save money the right way, then this is one amazing place to learn from. Also, as the name suggests, you will find an array of coupons and coupon codes available for various needs.

#2. Coupons

The blog separately lists down for you on ways you can save more while shopping clothes, grocery, etc. In addition to that, you will also find tips and ideas on how to save with the help of cash back offers and with the coupons.com App. The blog boasts of having more than a hundred ways of saving money online; even if you get the hank of a dozen of them for your regular shopping needs, you’d be good to go!

#3. Money Saving Expert

The website claims to be among one of the UK’s largest independent money saving websites and has a user base of 13 million unique users. The franchise has 4 key tools:

  • Weekly MoneySaving E-mail: These weekly mails are roughly sent to a total of 7 million users a week and comprises of editorials which are either the current trending tips or the best from the site’s forum.
  • MoneySaving Best Buy Guides & Articles: The articles here have a huge variety and you’d find articles ranging from childcare vouchers to the cheapest of contact lenses and a lot more.
  • MoneySaving Tools: MoneySavingExpert has a set of price comparing tools of its own which includes a list of tools such as Flight Checker, Call Checkers, Budget Planner, etc.
  • The MoneySaving Forums: Here, you’d find topics which are related to money in general. With a post count in millions, you’d find almost all your online money saving hacks right here.

#4. Groupon

Groupon.com brings to you a compilation of all that you’d ever need to save money online. Here, you will find deals as per your requirement; ranging from Things to do around you, Spas and spa boutiques, Cafes and hotels, on travel related needs, and everything else you could possibly save online at. Groupon.com has it all at one place. Clearance sales are one of the best ways to save money, and this blog brings to you   a list of sales around you. In addition to that, the website lists down all local sales/stores in all categories to help you shop better!

This is one of the best on our list I must say!

#5. Coupon Mom

Couponmom.com claims to be the ‘easiest way to save!’  Well, it is nothing short of what it claims to be. The website isn’t just ideal for getting coupons and online discounts on grocery or drugs and medicines; it is also the perfect guide for all your ‘How to needs.’

#6. Retail Menot

Retailmenot.com is a money saving website which brings under one place discounts and coupon codes across all brands and companies. It has listed for you recommendations, their hottest deals, and the most popular stores listed under the website.

In addition to the offers, the website also has international coupons, which can downright be a major money saving hack when shopping abroad. They also have listed down a help section for their users, where one can get an insight of how to use and submit coupons.

#7. Coupon Sherpa

Couponsherpa.com brings to you a conglomerate of savings on shopping online under multiple categories. Also, the website has its blog page where you will get an in depth knowledge about how to gain maximum possible discount from various sources and how to save not just while shopping, but also by simply using knowledge as a tool to apply the right rule at the right place.

#8. Slick Deals

Slickdeal.com is a social commerce website listing down for you deals and coupons from the best retailers. It also provides to you a curated list of their hottest deals depending upon the up votes by the customers. Here, you can find innumerable ways to save money by bargaining, using coupons, and of course, seeing the cheapest possible deals. They have thousands of freebies and promo codes to offer to its users! This community driven website aims at being the right place for the best deals!

#9. Red Flag Deals

Belonging to the Yellow pages group, redflagdeals.com is a Canadian bargain hunting and coupon website. The website boats of receiving more than 2.2 million unique viewers per month; it has to have something, right?

The website is an effective tool in getting the ideal discounts and deals for all your shopping needs. One of the best things about the website is that it has unbiased views from the editors and, it lays down in front of you a breakdown of their competitors as well.

#10. Coupon Chief

With 154,044 offers from 56,285 stores, couponchie.com has a coupon to save you an average of $21 on your next purchase. Browse for anything you’d ever need on this website, and have it served to you at the lowest possible rates with applicable discounts.

Their blog page has effective tips, hacks and ways to save money online. You’d find such amazing ideas and online saving hacks from their blogs, that you’d be forced to want more every now and then!

Ever wondered how can you double your coupon? Couponchief.com has the answer.

#11. My Free Product Samples

Myfreeproductsampels.com is a totally fraud free website which has to offer a number of free samples of various products without having to go through any tedious surveys or other such things. It is totally transparent in terms of what it has to offer, and, it stands by it!

The website as well has a dedicated page for a tutorial to give you a better understanding about the functioning of this website!

#12. Scam Free Samples

To find free samples online is like a boon, isn’t it? The real boon however, is when you find it without taking a survey or downloading an app or any of similar such thing. Here, you will find samples which are easy to get, and even easier to redeem!

Go through the website, and on finding a relevant product of which you might need a sample, request for the same! The link shall be provided before you; so every time you like a product, request for the sample right away!

#13. WOW Free Stuff

The name is alluring, isn’t it? Well, so is what they do. They bring to you the best of free stuff available online and bargain good deals for you. The website has made it super easy to get your hands on any possible freebie!

Just logging in to the website is one assurance of bringing your way a freebie. Get an idea about the website and take a tour, add in your details, and you’ll be good to go.

To make the entire hunting thing easier, we offer to you hints and the FAQs, which shall serve as your ultimate guide.

#14. Deals Plus

It can be quite a task to search the entire internet for coupons and coupon codes right? Or what is even worse is to keep those coupons and vouchers you got the other day safe with you until you can actually use them!

Dealsplus.com makes coupon search easier, and tracks down top deals for you. If you wish to get the most out of this service, then log in and subscribe to their newsletter right away!

#15. Ebates

Ebates.com is ideally a leading online portal to get you maximum cashback. If you are wondering how it works, then it is quite a simple thing.

The website receives a bonus to bring to the leading online stores some new and valuable customers, and that, is going to help you receive those cashback checks/money four times (or even more) per year!

#16. Gift Card Rescue (Closed)

Buying gift cards was okay, but selling the unused ones? Sounds really cool, isn’t it? Any unwanted gift card could get you up to 92% cashback on giftcardsrescue.com. buying them on the other hand might as well get you discounts worth 40% on 900 merchants.

The major retailers on this website includes Walmart, American Express, Amazon, Costco and many more. They aim at bringing to you highly discounted gift cards and provide to you a pleasurable experience.

There are least possible hassles included on this commerce, and you’d surely never be disappointed after having visited their website.

#17. Money Supermarket

Moneysupermarket.com is a place where you feel good about saving money, and then effectively managing and turning it into more than what it initially was. MoneySuperMarket.com is a totally independent and focuses on helping users/viewers save money.

Their services include Money, insurance, travel, energy, mobiles, shopping and broadband! From reducing your costs in various home affairs to helping you get the best deals while shopping, this website has it all sorted and worked out for you.

#18. Saving Advice

Savingadvice.com is a blog built on the lines of how much saving money is important, and of course, beneficial. The articles available on this blog page include the likes of how to save, spend and/or invest!

Savingadvice.com has advises for you on all money saving hacks and needs. In addition to that, it also has to offer a number of tips, which shall be of great use sometime in the future.

Savingadvice.com is the best way to have your money invested and spent correctly!

#19. Shopping Sherlock

Shoppingsherlock.com is one of the most organised way to save money while shopping/buying online. Using this website would simply require you to enter the product (without searching 10s of pages for what you are looking for) and simply get the best deals available around you.

Also, the website is available in as many as 21 countries which makes it all the more trusted and credible. It allows you to filter out for yourself local and daily deals to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

  • Watch the video and learn!
  • Understand the compensation plan!
  • And, start off!

With Shoppingsherlock, you save not just money, but also time!

#20. America Saves

Americasaves.org, as the name says is a campaign by the non profit organisation CFA to help people manage their expenses and savings by helping deal with debt, builds wealth and obviously save money.

The website lists down separately sections categorized as –

  • For savers
  • For organisations

The first section helps you deal with money saving hacks at an individual level and also, list down for you other relevant tasks to be undertaken. The latter on the other hand, talks at an organisational level and allows them to choose their campaigns.

And that was about it!

Coupons, check.
Cashback, check.
Free Samples, check.
Save money online? CHECK!

I bet there is no better way than these blogs to learn online money saving hacks from. If you think any of this might benefit you in the slightest possible way, go check the website out, and rest assured you’d want to come right back here, to thank us!

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